Eligibility of PeMSAA Australasia Membership

The eligibility of membership criteria would be from three main categories

Membership Requirements

  • 1. Past Graduates

    The past graduates of the Faculty of Medicine, Peradeniya

  • 2. First Five Batches

    First five batches of University of Galle who has completed 2nd MMBS exam at Faculty of Medicine Peradeniya

  • 3. Teaching Staff Members

    All the teaching staff members attached to the Faculty of Medicine, all the consultants (extended staff) irrespective their faculties, involved in teaching for medical students at teaching hospitals

Apply for New Membership

Thank you for your decision to obtain Life Membership of PeMSAA Australasia.

  1. You can apply for membership by completing online application form and pay online or
  2. Downloading PDF/ word version of membership application form and pay membership application fees to PeMSAA Australasia bank account. Please send e mail to secretary@pemsaaaustralasia.org with completed membership application form, payment receipt and recent copy portrait photo as attachment.

Payment Details

Life Membership – Payable by Internet Money Transfer

AUD 200 [Pay Online]

Download Membership Application Form


Account Name

Peradeniya Medical School Alumni Association – Australasia
Commonwealth Bank Australia



Account Number


Please Attach

1. Scan copy of completed PeMSAA Australasia Membership
2. Scan copy of Internet Money transfer receipt
3. Recent photograph

Already a PeMSAA Australasia Member?

Please keep your membership information up to date. Download the PeMSAA Australasia Membership Information Update form and send it with your current details using the form below.

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Appoint a Proxy

Please fill out the form below to appoint a proxy to vote for you on your behalf in all matters arising at specific events.

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