Australia is a very large country covering an approximate area of 7.7 million square kilometres in the corner of the Indian Ocean located in the Southern Hemisphere; and is the 6th largest country in the world.

Australia is commonly associated as being very large, dry and flat. This is very much correct as Australia is the lowest, flattest and driest continent in the world. According to recent research conducted by National Geographic and the University of Wisconsin-Madison (to name a few) Australia holds the oldest continental crust on Earth; some parts reaching up to 4.4 billion years old (the Earth is only 4.6 billion years old).

Australia was one of the first locations to be inhabited by the nomads of early human civilisation. Australia’s Indigenous population date back around 65,000 years, the oldest living cultural history in the world; thought to have left Africa (what is thought to be the birthplace of the human-race) 50,000 – 65,000 years ago.

Australia was first discovered by Dutch navigator Willem Janszoon in 1606. However, Australia wasn’t officially mapped until the famous Captain James Cook landed in Australia in 1770. Since these early days, Australia has become a booming metropolis with over 25 million inhabitants with 5 states (six including Tasmania) and two territories.

Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide is the capital of one of the 5 states; South Australia. Adelaide was ranked the 6th most liveable country in the world in August of this 2017. The lands where Adelaide was built on were the traditional lands of the Indigenous Tribe the Kaurna people. These people are the original custodians of the Adelaide plains and still remain so today.

Adelaide is among the three planned cities of Australia; Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide. These cities were planned in preparation for European settlement there; if one was to look at original plans and designs for the three planned cities, then they could see that there is some order in which these cities were to be built.

The city of Adelaide was built in 1836 and named after Queen Adelaide, the spouse of King William IV of the United Kingdom. Today Adelaide is a sweet city with beautiful parklands around the central city; Adelaide has a good public transports system the Adelaide Metro service. With buses, trams and trains available around the city.

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Adelaide is a place that experiences mild winters and warm, dry summers. Its average maximum temperature is 29°C, although in the temperature can well exceed 30°C in some instances throughout the year. Adelaide’s minimum temperature is around 16°C, however if the winters are slightly colder than usual, the temperature may drop to around 12°C.

Adelaide has an international airport that provides services all around the world whether they be direct flights or linked to other locations.

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