Greetings from Adelaide!
I am humbled to write this message as the 6th Australasian PeMSAA President. I am deeply honoured and would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the trust put on me by selecting me for this prestigious position by the alumni of PeMSAA Australasia; with special thanks to the South Australian members.

I would like to pay homage to the previous presidents of PeMSAA Australasia and their committee for their amazing contributions to PeMSAA as a lively, ongoing organisation in spite of their personal commitments while living and working their busy lives!

As you all know, PeMSAA began in Peradeniya Sri Lanka by the enthusiastic members and academics at the Faculty of Medicine Peradeniya in 1992. Our parent PeMSAA organisation (PeMSAA Sri Lanka) recently celebrated their 25th Silver Jubilee congress in January 2017. In Australia, PeMSAA Australasia – began ten years ago in Sydney by a group of members who felt the need for the PeMSAA flag to be flown in Australia too. As you know it is hard to start something new, we are privilege today that PeMSAA Australasia has grown in strength as a successful organisation since its inception; ten years ago.

Moving forward; we have created a newer, fresher more modern website in order to bring justice to PeMSAA Australasia’s incredible past and exciting future. In this process we have recorded our history carefully as it is an important part of any organisation. The most important aspect of any organisation is the force and enthusiasm of its members. I like to note that we have only 47 members listed in our organisation currently (and are looking for more!)

Our committee has determined to approach all the Australian and New Zealand Peradeniya Alumni (Medical and Dental) in the coming months. We will invite them personally to become members of our organisation. Our initial step to achieve this goal is by recruiting 100 new members within next few months. We have already had two membership drive meetings in Perth and Brisbane, and will be doing the same in other states.

We are very happy to record that we have identified the 6th PeMSAA congress dates, these being the 12th through to the 14th of October in 2018. In addition to this, we have finalised the location for reception congress and Gala dinner. We are excited and will be organising the next congress to be another memorable congress in par with previous congresses held in Australia and New Zealand. We humbly hope to raise the bars even further.

Going forward, we need to look after each other; especially when living abroad. We will be looking at various ways to assist each other achieve individual goals. We would like to make PeMSAA a platform for engagement, socialisation and a place to be able to share our moments as one large family with many brothers and sisters!

We will continue to contribute to the progress of our Alma mater of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya and our committee will identify the areas where we can effectively assist the university to achieve these goals!

I wish all the PeMSAA members and other Peradeniya Medical School Alumni living in Australia and New Zealand, a very Happy Festive Season and a Prosperous New Year in 2018!

Yours Sincerely,


Dr Nayanananda Lekamge

President PeMSAA Australasia 2017-2018
12th December 2017