Visa Information for Delegates

The following information has been provided by the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection. It contains information on visa requirements to visit Australia and how to apply for an eVisitor or Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). Please wait for a decision once your application has been completed, do not make arrangements to travel to Australia until you are advised that you have been granted an ETA.

You must be outside Australia when you apply and when the eVisitor or ETA is granted.
An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa may be required to travel to Australia. Only certain passport holders can apply for this visa online. You may need to use a travel agent to apply for this visa.
An eVisitor Visa or Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is an electronically stored authority for travel to Australia. You must be outside Australia when you apply and when the ETA is decided. You should apply for your ETA at least two weeks before you travel.
You will not receive a stamp or label in your passport. You will be provided with a confirmation for your records. Average processing time for this visa is less than one day. Your ETA lets you enter Australia for up to three months at a time as a tourist or for business visitor purposes. You are also permitted to study in Australia for up to 3 months in some circumstances.

You might be able to get this ETA if:

  • you are travelling to Australia as a tourist or for business visitor purposes

  • you hold an eligible passport, your passport must have a minimum of 6 months validity from the time of your departure from Australia

  • tourist activities include holidays, recreation or seeing family and friends.

Business visitor activities include:

  • making general business or employment enquiries

  • investigating, negotiating, signing or reviewing a business contract

  • activities carried out as part of an official government-to-government visit

  • participating in conferences, trade fairs or seminars, as long as you are not being paid by the organisers for your participation

Business activities do not include short-term work.

For further information on eligible passports and to how to lodge your visa application, please visit their website: